Guests are welcome to relax and enjoy a massage. Guesthouse co-owner Joy Strauss offers women a Swedish massage in which she incorporates acupressure, foot reflexology and craniosacral therapy into her massages. Joy’s training is through the Holistic Health Program at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She works on women of all ages and with different physical issues. Men are also welcome to receive a massage on site with a male massage therapist. A one hour massage is 300 ₪.

Massage Reviews

My massage with Joy was an amazing gift I gave myself. I have been experiencing massages on a regular basis since the 80′s by professionals, so I consider myself a “knowledgeable massage judge.” Joy gave me a total body massage, with no parts untouched, from the sacrum to the pinky toes. I felt reborn, renewed, regenerated. These results stayed with me for many days. The craniosacral therapy opened me to many positive enlightened insights. Thank You Joy. 
– Margo, Florida, October 2014

Spiritual direction is usually a verbal form of communication that creates a path to explore one’s inner connection to Hashem/God. Through massage, Joy Strauss, brings this communication to a higher level. Her ability to channel the ruach/spirit into her hands and release the tension and toxins that are pooled in your body blocking this path is amazing! Her kavanah/intention is held in every motion and every touch and as such you will experience, as I did, not only a physical release but a spiritual one as well. This woman is truly a vessel of Hashem and a massage with her is an encounter you will never forget.
– Rivkah Pinsker, Jerusalem, June 2013

By now, the twenty-first century, the ability to give a high level massage is a work of art. It’s not enough to know ‘how to’ or have the table and oils. Even a diploma on the wall is no guarantee of success. What is essential, I have learned, is a listening, open heart. For when a person touches my body, she also nurtures my spirit. When I feel comfortable enough to release my tears, groans or giggles, I know I am in a rare space. Joy Strauss is no ordinary massage therapist. Her inclusion of the presence of God made the time sacred and insured my well being as the end product. Thank you Joy!
– Michelle Friedman, Jerusalem, April 2012

If a restful chamber is not enough to send you home singing, I also recomment Joy’s massage. Both skilled and intuitive, Joy Strauss will tend your minor, as well as your more significant, imbalances, using both herb-scented oil and a backround of healing music. An hour under her ministrations is better than an entire day at the gym, at the beach, or in an ice cream parlor.
– KJ Hannah Greenberg, Jerusalem, January 2011