Each room has a kitchenette, private bathroom, dining table, couch, outside dining in the shared courtyard, free WIFI and AC/heat. The kitchenettes are equipped with a refrigerator, electric kettle and plugin burners for cooking. The kitchenette in the suite has a microwave. Cooking supplies are available. Both kitchenettes are stocked with coffee, tea, sugar and milk. Glass dishes are provided as well as an ample supply of disposables to meet the kashrut needs of our guests. The bathroom in the studio has a shower and the bathroom in the suite has a bathtub and a shower. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a blowdryer are provided.



The rooms are fully equipped for Shabbat and we are a Shomer Shabbat facility. Each kitchenette has a hot plate and Shabbat hot water urn. There are electric timers to set lights. Shabbat candles and Havdalah spice boxes and braided candles are provided, as well as water basins and cups for ritualistic hand washing.