Breakfast Weekday Mornings

We serve a hot, Kosher Mehadrin* vegetarian breakfast every weekday morning to the room. Guests can either eat at the dining table in the room or in the courtyard, weather permitting. In Israel a weekday is considered Sunday through Friday.  


Breakfast on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays

We place a variety of fresh, Kosher Mehadrin* vegetarian breakfast items in the room as we are preparing the room on Erev Shabbat and Chaggim. 


Shabbat and Holiday Meals

For guests having their Shabbat meals in the room we provide a Shabbat hot water urn, Shabbat electric hot plate, AKA plata, and electric timers. We are also pleased to recommend Shabbat meal options to our guests of catering places, prearranged Shabbat meals at nearby hotels as well as Shabbat hospitality.


* Please note that we only use Mehadrin ingredients and we check all of our grains, eggs, fruits & vegetables. We do not have Rabbinic oversight, however we keep a Mehadrin kitchen and we are Shomer Shabbat/Mitzvot. For guests who require rabbinic supervision we can provide all Mehadrin packaged food items.